Latest Updates

03-AugEasy Digital Downloads Sendy Addon 1.1.2
03-AugRedSys Gateway for WooCommerce 9.3.0
03-AugElegant Themes Divi Builder 4.5.2
03-AugGravity Forms Stripe Addon 3.7.2
03-AugAutomateWoo WordPress Plugin 5.0.0
03-AugThrive Themes Ultimatum Plugin
03-AugThrive Themes Squared WordPress Theme 1.416.1
03-AugWooCommerce PDF Invoices 4.7.1
03-AugStore Exporter Deluxe for WooCommerce 4.3
03-AugSagePay Form -SagePay Direct for WooCommerce 4.5.2
03-AugPowerPack Elements WordPress Plugin 2.0.1
03-AugLightspeed POS Integration for WooCommerce 1.8.1
03-AugElegant Themes Divi WordPress Theme 4.5.2
03-AugElegant Themes Divi WordPress Theme 4.5.2
03-AugElegant Themes Extra WordPress Theme 4.5.2
03-AugSensei LMS with WooCommerce Paid Courses
03-AugUltimate Addons for Elementor 1.26.1
03-AugLocal Pickup Plus for Woocommerce 2.8.3
03-AugBeaver Builder Ultimate Addons 1.28.2
03-AugNinja Beaver Pro WordPress Plugin 3.4
03-AugThe Events Calendar Event Tickets Plus 4.12.3
03-AugCitadela Blocks WordPress Plugin 2.1.1
03-AugNeve Pro Addon 1.2.5
03-AugGravity Forms Coupons Addon 2.10.2
03-AugMix and Match Products for WooCommerce 1.10.0
04-AugNinja Forms Conditional Logic 3.0.27
04-AugElegant Themes Divi Builder 4.5.3
04-AugWP Rocket WordPress Plugin 3.6.3
04-AugGravity Forms Stripe Addon 3.7.3
04-AugThrive Themes Voice WordPress Theme 1.416.1
04-AugThrive Themes Storied WordPress Theme 1.416.1
04-AugThrive Themes Focusblog WordPress Theme 1.416.1
04-AugThrive Themes Ignition WordPress Theme 1.416.1
04-AugThrive Themes Luxe WordPress Theme 1.416.1
04-AugThrive Themes Minus WordPress Theme 1.416.1
04-AugThrive Themes Performag WordPress Theme 1.416.1
04-AugThrive Themes Pressive WordPress Theme 1.416.1
04-AugThrive Themes Rise WordPress Theme 1.416.1
04-AugVisualizer Charts and Graphs WordPress Plugin 1.9.5
04-AugStore Exporter Deluxe for WooCommerce 4.3.1
04-AugElegant Themes Divi WordPress Theme 4.5.3
04-AugElegant Themes Extra WordPress Theme 4.5.3
04-AugPage Builder Framework Premium Addon 2.5.5
04-AugWordPress Automatic Plugin 3.50.3
04-AugSoflyy WP All Export Pro Premium 1.6.2
04-AugWooCommerce Social Login By Wpweb 2.2.9
04-AugGeoDirectory Social Importer
04-AugAdvanced AMP ADS 1.19.9
04-AugAMP for WooCommerce Pro 3.3.8
04-AugNewspaper AMP Theme Plugin 2.0.18
05-AugSearchWP Polylang Integration 1.3.2
05-AugGravity Perks Media Library Plugin 1.2.14
05-AugSearchWP WooCommerce Integration 1.3.9
05-AugDuplicator Pro WordPress Plugin
05-AugEasy Digital Downloads Custom Deliverables 1.0.3
05-AugGravity Forms WordPress Plugin
05-AugWooCommerce MultiStep Checkout Wizard 3.7.0
05-AugSearchWP WordPress Plugin 4.0.28
05-AugJetEngine for Elementor WordPress Plugin 2.4.9
05-AugJetSmartFilters for Elementor WordPress Plugin 1.8.4
05-AugWordPress SEO Premium 14.7
05-AugConvert Pro – Addons 1.4.1
05-AugConvert Pro 1.5.0
05-AugSearchWP Enable Media Replace 1.1.2
05-AugGravity Perks Easy Passthrough Plugin 1.4.17
05-AugWooCommerce Delivery Slots 1.11.1
06-AugWP User Frontend Pro WordPress Plugin 3.3.1
06-AugWordPress Multilingual CMS WordPress Plugin 4.4.0-b.1
06-AugWordPress Multilingual String Translation Addon 3.1.0-b.1
06-AugLearnDash Visual Customizer
06-AugGravityView Multiple Forms 0.2-beta.2
06-AugWordPress Multilingual Translation Management Addon 2.10.0-b.1
07-AugWP Courseware WordPress Plugin 4.6.12
07-AugWooCommerce Customer Order Coupon CSV Import Suite 3.8.8
07-AugWooCommerce Print Invoices & Packing List 3.8.7
07-AugBeaver Builder Professional WordPress Plugin 2.4
07-AugSagePay Form - SagePay Direct for WooCommerce 4.5.3
07-AugWooCommerce Smart Coupons 4.7.8
07-AugAstra Pro WordPress Plugin 2.6.2
07-AugGravity Forms Advanced Post Creation Add-On 1.0-beta-5
07-AugLearnDash Visual Customizer
07-AugGravity Forms Constant Contact 1.4.1
07-AugWPForms Form Locker Addon 1.2.3
07-AugWPForms Drip Addon 1.4.2
07-AugWPForms Form Abandonment Addon 1.4.3
07-AugWPForms Offline Forms Addon 1.2.2
07-AugWPForms Stripe Addon 2.4.0
07-AugWPForms Basic 1.6.2
07-AugWPForms PayPal Standard Addon 1.3.4
07-AugWPForms Surveys and Polls Addon 1.6.2
07-AugWPForms Post Submissions Addon 1.3.1
07-AugWPForms User Registration Addon 1.3.2
07-AugWPForms Campaign Monitor Addon 1.2.1
07-AugProfile Builder Pro 3.2.1
07-AugReally Simple SSL Pro 2.1.22
07-AugWooCommerce Name Your Price 3.1.3
07-AugWPForms Conversational Forms Addon 1.5.0
07-AugWPForms Form Pages Addon 1.4.0
07-AugWooCommerce All Products For Subscriptions 3.1.16
07-AugGravity Forms Zoho CRM Addon 1.11.1
10-AugShortcodes Ultimate for AMP 1.5.8
10-AugPolylang For AMP 1.2.3
10-AugCall To Action for AMP 2.3.16
10-AugCaldera Forms for AMP 1.2.4
10-AugAMP Page Builder Compatibility 1.9.39
10-AugAdvanced AMP ADS 1.19.10

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