How to hide plugin notifications/warnings from WordPress Dashboard (With & without plugin)

hide notifications

The main problem when using GPL plugins is those annoying admin notifications from plugins. It is a fact that many notifications on the admin area will lead to high loading time. The real problem comes when a plugin notification doesn’t let you close it.  

You can hide these notifications using a simple plugin as well as without using a plugin. 
Using a plugin will give you more privilege as you may want to read them at least once as they might contain some important or basic points.

Anyway, it is up to you to choose a method that best works for you.

Using Plugin

  • Download the Disable admin notices individually plugin from here.
  • Install & Enable it and done.

You will be able to see a button under every notification from now on.

Without plugin

without plugin

With plugin

with plugin

Without using Plugin

Now let’s do this without a plugin.
For this, you need to write or copy-paste the following code at the bottom of your functions.php file. You will find this file in your themes folder (Generally yourwebsite/wp-content/themes/yourtheme/functions.php)

add_action('admin_head', 'disable_notice'); 
function disable_notice() 
{ ?> <style> .notice { display: none;} </style> <?php }

Please note that this code may not hide every notification.

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