How to get Elementor Pro + Astra Pro theme for $5 with a valid lifetime license

Get Elementor And Astra For 5
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Isn’t it possible to use Elementor Pro as GPL Plugin?

Gone are the days when you can use the Elementor Pro as a GPL Plugin i.e. without a license. Because from the 2.9.4 update, Elementor has changed how this plugin works. Till version 2.9.3, apart from the Template Import feature, you were able to use all the plugin’s pro features, without a valid key. from 2.9.4 update, the plugin is a nightmare for GPL lovers. Because you can’t use ANY Pro widget of Elementor without a valid key, so it is practically not possible to use an original copy of Elementor Pro GPL Plugins and stay updated while using all features.

But that is where some freelancers do an awesome job for you by providing Elementor Pro and Astra Pro for $5

As we have an active ‘Elementor Expert‘ + ‘Astra Mini Agency‘ subscription, we’re ready to provide a valid license to your website for $5.
You have two ways to get this thing done.

I) You can purchase the plugin here.
II) Then you can contact us providing your order ID or email that’s used to purchase this plugin (to confirm your purchase) and a login link to your website using this plugin
III) Provide us the admin rights to install the Pro version and activate it with the proper license
This license will get auto-renewed and there will be NO RENEWAL charges.
We will deliver the service within a day.

Or if you do not wish to provide your credentials by email, you can order the same here on SEOClerk using this link.
You can even buy the plugin here and provide the credentials to the respected gig’s owner on SEOClerks if you wish to avoid SEOClerk’s $0.55 order charges.

You need not worry about the security of your WordPress website because this service already has 190+ installations without any issue and with great ratings on both Fiverr and SEOClerks.

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