How to Get High-Quality Backlinks absolutely for Free?

Backlinks For Free

What are the Backlinks

Backlinks are the links that lead the user from other websites to your website by placing one of the links of your website on their website. Backlinks are still a major factor to determine a website’s reputation. Thus, the more backlinks (High-quality) means the more reputation. The process of high-quality and legit backlinks is very slow and hard (sorry for all those YouTube videos).

Believe me, if you get 100s of backlinks at once, without a hard word, at the cheapest price, you’re doing it wrong because quality link building is not easy as it seems, no matter what precautions you take, there will be some bad links and can lead your website to have a bad reputation and ultimately a penalty in search ranking. Okay, I get it, this article is not about teaching what are backlinks in detail.

Let’s just read how you can get them for free.


I) A mobile number(You should verify the phone number)
II) An email address. (DO NOT use temporary/disposable email as this process is NOT INSTANT. Sorry for hurting you ???? Some times it will take a whole day for the coupon to reach your inbox

In short:

1) You will have to register an account on the website called SEO Clerk using this link 
(You will not get coupon amount if you don’t use this link and ignore any warning it may show… SEOClerk is absolutely trustworthy)
2) You need to verify the phone number and email address. You can do that here.
3) Apply for the Coupon code here.
4) Redeem the coupon code here.
5) $5 will be credited to your wallet (You don’t need to load any amount from your card/PayPal to your SEO Clerk wallet to use these funds)

In detail:

1) Join the website using this link, you’ll then be redirected to the SEOClerks Registration page. (You will not get coupon amount if you don’t use this link). Sometimes it may give you a warning about the website’s URL, but it’s completely fine and safe, just press IGNORE.
2) Fill in all details (Email, Username, Password, Skills (you can opt for WordPress) and Full Name.
4) You need to verify your Phone number and Email address. You can do that here

Seo Clerk Verify Email

5) After verifying your phone number, you can request your coupon code by commenting at the end of this post.
6) Simply fill in your name and email that you have used to register.
7) You should do this ONLY after verifying your Phone and Email on SEOClerks, otherwise, the coupon will not work.

Points to remember:

1) You can use/redeem this coupon code ONLY once.
2) You should not use any VPN or Proxys.
3) The mobile number, email, and Network (IP) should be unique.
4) Coupons will expire after 10 days.

How to redeem the coupon code

In order to redeem the code, you need to visit this page and enter the code you have received via email. Simple.

You now have $5 in your SEO Clerk wallet and you can use them to order the backlinks or any other service that is available on the SEO Clerk website.

You can check some backlink services here (Just use the filters or/and Search feature for better results)

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